Welcome to the dark, dark world of Inside3

Inside3 is a fascianting range of blind puzzle cubes. Players must face everything they’ve ever been scared of – the dark, loneliness, abandonment. Launch your ball from the window in to the centre of the cube. Use your maps to carefully orientate the puzzle, leading your ball through twists, turns, dead-ends, traps and multiple routes. Only the most skilled players will make it to the other side.

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12 Levels Of Difficulty – From Easy to Impossible

The Inside3 range Consists of 12 levels of difficulty. From the deceptively easy – to the near impossible. As the range progresses, a new element is introduced. The NoVice series is a gentle introduction in to Inside3 cube tactics – perfect for kids and beginners. Learn to read the map and begin to understand that the quickest way to the other side isn’t always down!

The ZERO Series asks players to forget everything they’ve learnt. Players progress through EASY, REGULAR and MEAN – right through VISCIOUS, AWFUL and MORTAL. Minimal maps, traps and wrong turns all await you in the darkness. The final cube, MORTAL, has no map at all…and cannot be opened!

The PHANTOM series all include an extra ball, locked inside the maze – it’s purpose? to trick your senses and confuse your orientation skills. The ultimate cube is the CTHULU – branded with a coded map and a route so sinister even the inventor’s aren’t sure it’s achievable. Will you be the first to unlock the mystery of the Cthulu?

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How To Play

  • Choose Your Cube – From EASY to AWFUL, it’s up to you
  • Study Your Map. Each embossed square on the side represents a different layer – remember sometimes the way out may be above you!
  • Release the Ball. (A pen tip works great)
  • Orientate the Cube to Guide your ball through the maze.
  • Watch out for wrong turns and traps – and try not to get lost.
  • Make it the other side … relax. Then trap your ball so it doesn’t roll away.
  • Get ready for the return journey.
  • Completed your cube? Swap it with a friend for a new challenge or try swapping levels around for a real headache.

Where to start?

With 12 levels of difficulty, there are so many options to explore in the world of Inside³. Children under 1o will love the NoVice range and it’s gentle learning curve which gradually introduces solving techniques and puzzle concepts. For older players, jump straight in at ZERO series – The EASY, REGULAR and MEAN models work as their names suggest. Learn moves to help you conquer challenges, improve your solving time and remember – each puzzle needs to be solved twice – the original route and the return journey. AWFUL, VICIOUS and PHANTOM series are recommended only for the intrepid. multiple traps, wrong routes, claustrophobic maps and – in some cases – no map at all, mean these are serious challenges.

Not Hard Enough For You?

So you think you’ve mastered your chosen cube? When you’ve completed your cube the game is still not complete. Have a look at our ‘Cube Swap Shop’ (coming soon) where you can meet like-minded puzzle heads and swap your cubes.  Our growing community also loves to compete – you might like to try and best some of the world’s best solve times.

Try re-arranging the inner puzzle layers to form an even more complex challenge. Because each puzzle can be taken apart (with the exception of MORTAL, CTHULU and VICIOUS) players can re-shuffle the levels so that nothing is as it seems! Click here for the dedicated Inside3 WebApp to create new maze permutations.

Inside³ can also be solved Sideways – ask your Inside³ stockist about secret map stickers than open up a whole new dimension of play.

The History and The Future

Inside3 is the brainchild of French inventor Romain-Guirec Piotte. Originally Romain wanted to make horror films – and this sinister intent lives on in Inside3. Inspired by his favourite movies and books (Alien, the Descent, House of Leaves, Cube, Portal, Dungeons and Dragons, Hellraiser, the Raiders of the lost Ark, Journey to the centre of the Earth) he constructed a series of puzzle cubes all around the concept of getting lost, being alone and having to find your own way back to the light.

All Inside3 Puzzles are designed and manufactured in France to the highest standards. Their pure and simple aim is to deliver exciting, intriguing and terrifying puzzles – each of the highest quality possible.

As for the future – he first 12 puzzles are only the initial chapter of the story. The ultimate plan is to release a total of 216 cubes  which all combine together to form a 6 x 6 x 6 MOTHER CUBE. Though this closely kept secret is little more than a conspiracy theory now, the seed has been sewn for a legacy of mind bending blind puzzles.

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