So What’s Going On Inside that Box?

Inside3 is a blind labyrinth cube – ‘what on earth is that?’ I hear you ask. Simply put, each Inside3 cube has a 3-dimensional maze inside it. Armed with only a rudimentary map, embossed on the side of the cube, players must twist, turn, jump and flip upside down their cube in order to get their ‘player ball’ from one window to the other. ┬áThe Cube is completely blind. There’s no way to see what’s going on inside or where you are. (don’t worry most cubes can be taken apart if you get really stuck – just stay away from the MORTAL and CTHULU models).

Each Cube is in fact two puzzles – because once you’ve made it successfully to the other side you’re armed with the map for the return journey.

Players will need to use their map reading skills, careful manipulation, listening and intuition to guide their ball successfully from one window to the other.

So all the action is hidden?