The InsideĀ³ Range

NoVice Series

The ‘Easy’ model is as you’d expect – the easiest! Steer your ball through the layers and show it the light at the end of the tunnel. The perfect taster menu for the addiction that’s to come!
The ‘Regular’ model steps up the game – expect a few more twists and more reliance on your map (printed on the outside of the cube).
so you’ve mastered the first stages, but you’re not quite ready for the big leagues? Welcome to the ‘Mean’ model – still logical layers of blind labyrith to navigate, but you’ll need to be careful and think through your movements. Things are starting to get trickier (and meaner!).

Zero0 Series

With the introduction of the ZERO Series, Inside3 usher in an era of serious labyrinth puzzle solving. Although they’ve kindly designated this as ‘Easy’, players can expect a few challenges and unexpected twists. Maps for each floor have been embossed on to the side, so the puzzle can be logically solved from one end to the other (and back again), but with the Zero series nothing is ever that simple!
Looking for Inside3’s puzzle that’s got ample challenges but is still (reasonably) achievable? You found it. This Labyrinth style puzzle comes with just the right amount of twists, turns, dead-ends, direction changes, floor drops and traps to keep things exciting – but also isn’t beyond the realm of possibility – You still get a map after all, there’s no ‘phantom’ ball and if you really get stuck, you can take it apart! Made to high standards in the EU. Presented in smart packaging. Retailers should anticipate the REGULAR puzzle being the most popular.
Inside3 describe this puzzle as mean and they’re not joking. You’ve got a map to help you navigate your ball through fiendish layers of puzzle – but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been a few dead ends, traps and annoying falls in there to keep you on your toes. Made in France to high standards, the Mean ZERO Series puzzle will confound and entertain. Supplied in smart packaging – these items work brilliantly as a range, with a constant state of progression and achievement available.
Yup, this puzzle is complicated it can only be described as awful – no matter how good your dexterity and patience, the Inside3 team have placed dozens of traps and dead-ends to keep you scratching your head for hours. Rest assured, the player is provided with a map and in the worst case scenario, the puzzle can be taken apart to retrieve the ball if it does get lost for hours in the darkness – but that would just be quitting! Made in France to high standards, the ZERO series of puzzles from Inside3 is the ultimate labyrinth challenge.
The Vicious Puzzle from Inside3 lives up to it’s name. a Bunch of frustrating direction changes, hops and obstacles make this exceptionally frustrating puzzle (despite a very simple concept). Supplied in neat packaging and manufactured to high standards in the EU. The Vicious Puzzle is the penultimate step in the ZERO SERIES.
The Mortal is a Labyrinth game reserved for the experts. This is the final, punishing puzzle in Inside3’s ZERO series and wow is it difficult. If the prospect of a dynamic, complicated puzzle that changes orientation and has blind corners and dead-ends wasn’t enough – what about if there was no map (normally found on the Zero series embossed in to the side) and you couldn’t take it apart? Once you move your puzzle ball from it’s entry chamber, you run the risk of never seeing it again.

Phantom Series

Welcome to the Phantom Series from Inside3 – Why Phantom? Because the fiendish minds at Inside3 have hidden a secret phantom ball, locked inside the cube – what’s it doing there? It’s purpose is to confuse you – you can no longer rely completely on your senses to guide the ball. Patience, map skills and intuition are essential. The Mean model is the easiest in this series – but sill very mean!
The Awful Phantom features more traps and dead-ends than any other Inside3 puzzle. Even worse though is the Phantom Ball locked inside a hidden chamber – just there to mess with you!
The Cthulu is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, sealed inside a puzzle shaped cube. The Cthulu is not only the hardest and most devious labyrinth puzzle developed by Inside3, they went one step further and threw away the map! As part of their infamous ‘Phantom Series’, the Cthulu demands that the player listen and feel intently to the movement of the ball, exploring all possible avenues within the darkness of the chamber. Is it possible? Yes…but you may be here a while. Manufactured in France to impeccably high standards and presented in Inside3’s signature, fun packaging.